Useful beekeeping websites

It can be a nightmare of searching and researching to find helpful information about keeping bees.

This list will be updated from time to time as I find useful information on sites.

Essential Beekeeping sites – The British Beekeepers Association. Best with a membership and login but has some useful information anyway. – Beebase – Register your apiaries and hives here and the National Bee Unit will keep you up to date with any outbreaks of disease or pests that might be a risk to your apiaries. – Surrey Bees Training. If you’re in Surrey or within reach of RHS Wisley, you could do worse than contact Surrey Bees for training requirements – If you’ve thought of a question, chances are it’s been answered here.  If not, you can ask and you’ll likely get more answers than you can shake a sticky stick at.

Other Blogs – Useful and informative blog focusing on natural and urban beekeeping – A fun beekeepers blog that’s kept up to date and has some interesting info.


PLACES TO BUY STUFF – Formerly Mann Lake, when Mann Lake decided to put out of the UK it was taken over by employees and renamed. Fantastically helpful staff and pretty much the only place I could find that sell boxes for 8 Frame Langstroth Hives (the size of a Flow Hive)

E H Thorne (Beehives) Ltd – They have almost everything, and there’s a shop in Windsor that’s easily reachable for me so I use them quite regularly – Another useful Beekeeping equipment shop  – Beehive Supplies Store


Other stuff

Hive Plans – Build or buy?  Up to you