2018 so far

Wow! What a hectic year.  Having largely taken a break from working in the corporate world I’ve had so much on I feel even busier than I was. Bee-wise it’s been an extremely odd year.    A very damp and chilly winter turned into a very damp and chilly spring leaving me with 4 hives…

New sales site available on Facebook

https://www.facebook.com/FiveHives/ New page on Facebook – dedicated to providing FiveHives products to you. Currently available for people collecting honey from Bagshot (surrey, UK) only, although with enough demand I may consider putting shipping options there as well.                    Let me know if you’d be interested in buying…

Telling the bees

The tradition of telling the bees of bereavements and family happenings.

Early April inspection update (2017)

Spring has sprung, the weather has started to become reliably warmer and it seems as if we’re free of frosts in Southern England for 2017.  You never can tell, of course, but we’ve already had temperatures of 20C+ and the nights are comfortably 5C+. My update on the troublesome ‘brood in the wrong place’ hive…

Spring is here!

Spring is here! The birds are tweeting, the bees are flying, the sunshine warms your body and everything is good and right with the world again. Hang on – that was last week. It’s a lot bloody colder now!

Flow Hives

In which we discuss the Flow Hive and first year experiences