In 2016 bees entered my life. I went on a beginners beekeeping course, got a hive, got some bees, and jumped straight in feet first and got stung (literally).

That first year was a massive learning curve. Even with only one hive, learning how to keep bees is a fascinating experience and one that has definitely got me hooked. In 2017  I added four more bee hives (complete with bees) and a whole load of extra kit, and have been managing colonies for moderately successful honey harvests so far.

Currently selling surplus honey, and considering expanding to other products as well as the honey. Candles being the simple option but lip balms, soap and creams are all possible, as is beeswax wood polish for some other projects.

This site hosts some useful information, chronicles the happenings in my apiaries (when I have time) and maybe add a front end sales side later on.

It should be a fun ride. 🙂

Contact me at @marbell379 on Twitter