First Hive inspections of 2017

It was 16C today so I decided it was warm enough for a quick hive inspection to see what was going on, and the good news is that all five hives are queen right and, although the weather could still get poor again before it warms up, it looks like all five have come through the winter OK.  Big smiles and happy bees.

Not wanting to get any of the colonies too chilled, the inspections were quick and without masses of notes or detail taken. Generally – 3 frames of brood minimum with bees on 5+ frames.

Garden – Flow 1, Q1 visible. brood (sealed, unsealed and eggs). Removed under super (It was totally empty but they have loads of stores in the brood box that they’ll need to use to make some space for more brood)

Garden – National 1, Q2 not seen, but brood in all stages inc eggs visible. No queen excluder and 2 supers so brood in both super frames with stores in brood and super boxes. Under supered and hoping the queen will move up to the brood box where she should be.

Windlesham – National’s 2, 3,4. Q3,4,5. No queens seen. Brood in all boxes. Eggs seen in N1 and 2. unsealed brood in N4 (Q5) so I’m confident she’s there. Fondant likely required in N4 next week. Other hives all have loads of stores.

All hives bringing in loads of pollen – seems unlikely they’l have loads of nectar as yet. Very soon I’ll be thinking about feeding with sugar water to give them a head start into the year.

Tried out a Xmas present – A clipon Macro lens for my phone. You need to get super close up to get the focus, but the detail is amazing!  (I’ll add pics asap – they’re still on my phone).

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