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Five Hives is based in and around Bagshot, Surrey. (That’s in England, UK)

At 45 years old I thought I’d tried everything and then I found bees and they taught me very quickly that I really didn’t know that much at all.

This site is about bees and bee related stuff. Honey, hives and hive products (pollen, propolis and wax).

It’s a repository of information which I have (and you may) find useful or interesting, as well as a record for me of what’s going on in my apiaries.

Links at the top of the page take you to more information or you can follow the latest blog posts below.

Enjoy 🙂

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Update on the poorly managed hive.

So in my previous post about this hive (N1, for those actually following), I mentioned some Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) was visible.  Not loads, but as these guys were seemingly very aggressive as well I decided to treat them with oxalic acid (OA) vaporisation to counter any excessive varroa population that might be bothering them. … Continue reading Update on the poorly managed hive.

Early April inspection update (2017)

Spring has sprung, the weather has started to become reliably warmer and it seems as if we’re free of frosts in Southern England for 2017.  You never can tell, of course, but we’ve already had temperatures of 20C+ and the nights are comfortably 5C+. My update on the troublesome ‘brood in the wrong place’ hive … Continue reading Early April inspection update (2017)

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